Three Of The Top Wooden Watches

Wooden watches offer a unique appearance to standard watches. However, you need be careful when purchasing one of these watches as many are well-known for consisting of a poor quality and break easily. The following watches are based on quality, style, durability and honest reviews.

1.The Tense Multi Eye Two Tone Sandalwood Wood Mens Watch �” G4300SD

Tense is a brand well-renowned for wooden watches. However, some are great while others are not so great. The Two Tone Sandalwood watch is a definite hit. This particular watch offers a beautiful and unique style. To date there are only 3 “eye-wood” watches across the globe and the wood is of superior quality. In addition, the watch becomes better as it ages due to the natural oils that are secreted from the skin. Reviews on the product state that the watch is light and comfortable and you should be prepared to get compliments and comments when you wear it.

2.The Tense Wood Watch In Solid Walnut Maple �” G7509WM

The Walnut Maple wooden watch deserves mentioning when thinking about the best of the wooden watches in the world. These watches are handmade with a high quality of maple and walnut. These watches look great to wear for casual or business purposes or even an everyday wear watch. If you are in search of something simple and unique as well as affordable this watch offers a budget friendly choice.

3.    The Wewood Date Black/ Dark Brown Wooden Watch

Wewood happens to be one of the top reputable businesses in relation to manufacturing top class wooden watches. This watch may be simple and not as extravagant as other types on the market, but it is really a great solid wood watch. This is the type of watch that will look great with any type of outfit and goes with just about anything. Similar to other types of wood watches it lightweight and constructed out of all-natural wood. It is worth noting that even though it is listed as “black” it is actual fact a very dark brown color.


The Tense Multi Eye Two Tone Sandal Wood Watch is a stylish watch that guarantees attention and compliments. While the Tense Wood Watch made out of Solid Walnut Maple offers a sophisticated and sleek design. The Wewood Date Black watch is a versatile, yet simple watch that will match any outfit.