Best Mouse For Gaming

Searching for the best gaming mouse in 2019 has become more complicated. With the raft of new models coming from the top manufacturing companies like Corsair, Logitech, Razer, and others, as well as original manufacturers are trying to elbow their way into this crowded marketplace.

It’s not just about to find the mouse that fits perfectly into your hand and works appropriately. Now, in this diverse world, there’s a vast field of features, specifications, gimmicks, and different performance metrics that differentiate the top tier pointers from the bottom of the barrel also-rans.

The real question is, what makes a mouse the best fit for having excellent gaming experience?

It should have a high CPI range so you can easily lineup the headshots but also move around with the high speed when you need to react. You would also need the pointer with a fast IPS rating so that it won’t flicker or lose the tracking when you are making all those dynamic movements, zooming your mouse across the pad at high speed.

Whatever gaming mouse you end choosing to make pretty sure to pair it with the best gaming PC too because this matters a lot. Here is a few best gaming mouse for you:

Logitech MX518:

It is one of the best gaming mouse with 16,000 CPI and has an optical sensor in it.  It has eight buttons and weights 101 g.

Razer DeathAdder Elite:

It is the best mouse for the shooters. It has six buttons and weights 105 g. It has an ideal shape for the claw grip or palm and has a variety of hand sizes.

Steel series Sensei 310:

One of the best gaming mouse with a very lightweight at 92 grams. It has an excellent shape with improved materials and the hand grip. It may be light and small for the ones with larger hands.