The Benefits Of Visiting Desert Family Vision Center


Regularly seeing an eye doctor has many benefits. For one, it can help detect major eye problems early. It can also help prevent worsening eye health. If you live in Safford, AZ, you might want to visit Desert Family Vision Center for your eye care needs.

They Have The Top Eye Doctor In Safford, AZ

Dr. Charles Ferrin, the top eye doctor in Safford, AZ, owns and operates Desert Family Vision Center. He graduated from the Pacific University College of Optometry and is qualified to prescribe medication and treat different eye complications. Aside from eye infections, Dr. Ferrin is qualified to treat diseases like glaucoma and provide pre- and post-operative surgical care.

Additionally, Dr. Ferin has also completed training in vision therapy. He can help you and your children improve essential visual skills. He can also treat strabismus (cross-eyedness) and amblyopia (lazy eyes) with vision therapy. If you’re in Safford, AZ, and want only the best for you and your family, visit Desert Family Vision Center.

They Offer Comprehensive Eye Exams

Desert Family Vision Center only uses technologically-advanced tools to give the best service you deserve.  Aside from providing treatment for eye problems, they also offer comprehensive eye examination services. An eye examination includes checking vision, the eye, and its surrounding tissues. Eye problems and discomfort can also be found through this examination. Getting regular eye checkups helps you find treatment and medication suited for your needs. They’re also a way to detect problems that could deteriorate your vision. 

They Have Same-day Services

Going to an eye specialist might be time-consuming. If you don’t like waiting or don’t have much time to spare, same-day services are for you. Desert Family Vision Center offers same-day prescription glasses and contact lenses. Aside from this, they provide a wide array of contact lenses and frames you can choose from. If you’re in a hurry but need that pair, you might want to go to their clinic.

They Have Specialty Eye Services

Major eye problems can be a pain. Not all clinics offer services for treatment, so finding the right clinic might be difficult. If you live in Safford, AZ, and have major eye problems, make an appointment with Desert Family Vision Clinic. Aside from prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses, they also offer specialty eye services, including:

  • Topographical contact fitting
  • Dry eye spa
  • Optomap
  • Vision therapy

Wrapping Up

Finding the right eye doctor is quite tricky. Your eyes deserve only the best. Settling for underqualified optometrists can compromise your eye health, and you don’t want that. Pay Desert Family Vision Center a visit for the best eye healthcare provider in Safford, AZ.